Disneyland Hong Kong

March 31, 2019

Our first trip to Disney with Stella!

We had a layover in Hong Kong on the way to Japan. Disneyland is close to the airport and the hotel we stayed at, so we decided it was fate that we spend the day in the park.

An early travel day from Chiang Mai got us to our hotel by 11am. We were all very tired. We ordered some room service and put Stella down for a nap. By 1pm we were on our way to Disney with plans to stay until it closed around 9pm.

It was an exciting day. Stella was thrilled to be somewhere that she could walk around and explore. The entire day she was chasing birds, bubbles, and Disney characters. Stella did really well on all the rides we went on. I think she (we all?) were confused and a bit frightened by the Winnie the Pooh ride and thrilled by the teacups (Stella had a huge smile on this one!).

We waited in line for quite a while to get the classic photo with Minnie and Mickey. Stella was ecstatic to meet them. She ran right up to Mickey and gave him a big hug. Her excitement made the waiting worth it.

We also went to see the Moana show. It was a crazy experience because it was half in Chinese and half in English. Moana generally spoke English and her co-characters spoke Chinese and they all repeated the from their own perspective. It was pretty entertaining. Stella was happy to see Moana in person.

One surprising thing was that it felt like there were almost no sweets in the entire park! There was even a building that said “Sweets” on the side but when you went in it was just a gift shop! I guess we Americans have a much bigger sweet tooth than the rest of the world. We did get some churros and finally found a cake ball, phew!

By the end of the night we were all very tired and we were trying to decide if staying for the parade would be worth it. We ended up staying and Stella LOVED it. She loves dancing to music and the parade had fun music and great lights on all the floats. She was dancing the whole time. Mickey was her favorite.

Ah, the magic of Disney.