Favorite Treats on Oahu

January 30, 2019

My favorite treat is… all of them (ha).

Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

I love shaved ice. I have almost perfected my order, my two staple flavors are Melon and Mango, with sweetened condensed milk on top. I’ve also tried Pineapple and Coconut with those flavors and it isn’t quite right yet. If you know me then you know I honestly enjoy making the perfect combo/getting the perfect bite. Abe doesn’t LOVE shaved ice, but he likes Matsumoto’s because you can get it with ice cream in the bottom and beans! He’s a big fan of Guava/Passionfruit/POG.

Ted’s Bakery

Ted’s Bakery has Abe’s favorite dessert of ALL TIME. Which is a BIG DEAL. If you know Abe then you know he doesn’t take favorites lightly, and often doesn’t pick favorites (because what if he changes his mind!? The pressure is too great!!!). He likes the freedom that comes with not having favorites. BUT Ted’s is an exception. Abe’s favorite dessert of ALL TIME is… Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie (haupia=coconut)

Ted’s chocolate filled doughnut is a new treat we discovered and it is out of this world. It is the same chocolate filling that is in the pie, and the donut is perfectly fried and glazed. It is SO. GOOD. I need another one.

I should probably note that Ted’s also does food, not just sweets. It is a great place to stop if you are up on North Shore/Shark’s Cove area.

Leonard’s Malasadas

Malasadas are hawaiian donuts. This used to be Abe’s favorite (he bought a Leonard’s Bakery T-shirt… what!? If you know, you know), but Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie knocked it down. My favorite malasada is their original (plain sugar) and eat it when it is HOT HOT HOT. Leonard’s has a fun downtown main location that is worth visiting. Leonard’s has a bunch of truck locations which makes it easier (not downtown, could be closer to where you are staying, easy parking). The only thing is that the trucks have weird hours so you have to check ahead of time. It’s easy to find all of that info on Google Maps.

Liliha Bakery

This is one that I hadn’t heard of until Buffy got Ben his birthday cake from here. And then our travel clinic office happened to be on the same street as this bakery (blessings!). They are famous for their Cocoa Puff. They have a few different kinds but I’d recommend their classic. They sell around 3,000 of these DAILY. I also love their boston cream doughnut (anyone catching on to how much I love doughnuts yet?). You can also eat at their diner side with breakfast foods and other food as well. But definitely get a Cocoa Puff. Stella likes their decorated sugar cookies.. How toddler-esque of her right?

My ranking:

  1. Ted’s : chocolate filled donut
  2. Matsumoto’s : melon, mango, ____ with condensed milk
  3. Leonard’s : classic/regular sugar
  4. Liliha : classic cocoa puff

Abe’s ranking:

  1. Ted’s : chocolate haupia cream pie
  2. Leonard’s : classic/regular sugar
  3. Matsumoto’s : tropical with beans and ice cream and sweetened condensed milk on top
  4. Liliha : chocolate haupia cake

shave ice
shave ice 2
shave ice 3
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