Hawaii Week One

January 13, 2019

I was very interested to see how week one of our travel adventure would go. We took it slow. Let ourselves adjust to the time change (4 hours, not bad considering when we go to Australia we will be crossing the date line and it will be a different day). Stella is a pro at sleeping in the pack n play for naps AND at night (WIN). We did a few things we’ve been looking forward to on Oahu, but mostly we were hanging out, figuring out travel vaccines (more on that here), and figuring out some last minute stuff at home! We still managed a few outings throughout the week.

We figured out what our basic schedule would be for the day to day here in Hawaii. Abe works full-time from his computer, so every new place we go we will have a bit of a different schedule. Here Abe works from 6am to 3pm.

Mornings we go out for an adventure without Abe, come back for lunch and naptime, then head out again once Abe finishes up work! Some outings we’ve done so far in the morning are visit the Honolulu Zoo, Ko Olina lagoons, and travel clinic appointments.

We took a trip to the North Shore on Saturday before realizing that a huge swell had come in that morning (30 FT WAVES PEOPLE). We ate some food and hung out on the windy beach and learned how scared Stella is of big waves. Some photos (and a funny but sad video of S) from our week below!

Thanks for reading!