Hiking Koko Head

January 24, 2019

Hiking Koko Head in the rain was a challenge for me! Even though we knew our 4 year old niece Lulu has done that hike (seriously impressive Lulu!). I think I’m still getting used to hiking with a little one especially on more challenging hikes. Plus the rain made it quite slippery! All in all it is a challenging hike with an awesome view at the top. I noticed people hiking up with pieces of wood to help reinforce the trail at some spots. For most of the way the train tracks are built with solid ground right beneath them, but at some point on the trail the train tracks continue at the same angle but the ground drops out. Thankfully we noticed an alternate route around because I was pretty nervous already! We made it up and back just fine and it was definitely worth it. On the way down my legs were shaky from being so fatigued after hiking up. Which was really unfortunate considering the angle you’re hiking down at and the rain… I don’t know if it is a trail I would do again and again (but my sister-in-law Buffy told me at one point she was doing it once a week for exercise, again seriously impressive you girls!). It is definitely a great workout and it did seem like there were a lot of people hiking as part of a regular routine. Not my preference that’s for sure. Pictures below from the hike! If you haven’t done this hike on Oahu I’d definitely suggest doing it, just maybe not in the rain, and with the expectation that your legs are going to burn burn burn!

Thanks for reading!