Hiking to Manoa Falls

January 20, 2019

Now Manoa Falls is my type of hike. Not too long, not too short, a good bit of walking for exercise but not so much my legs feel like they are going to fall off. Plus the falls at the end are gorgeous! Not to mention the entire time you are walking through a beautiful jungle. We hiked Manoa Falls with Ben and Lulu and Alexander, and it was really fun! Abe strapped our GoPro to Lulu and she was taking pictures and videos the entire time, it was pretty fun to see her as a photographer. Also, the day we did this hike there was some running event going on and it was pirate themed which was pretty entertaining. Every so often someone would yell “runner!” and that meant to get out of the way so they could pass. We have no idea what kind of event it was, but it looked pretty intense. It had recently rained so it was pretty muddy, by the time we got back all of us had mud all over our legs (except for Stella since she stayed in the carrier the whole time! Although her cousin Alexander walked a good chunk of the hike and he was a mess but I mean so impressive how much he walked!). There was a convenient spot in the parking lot as a wash off station. This is a great great hike!

After we hiked we got lunch at Nico’s Pier. Abe ordered the seared ahi which was delicious and I actually just got a poke bowl (me eating just raw fish and rice for lunch.. What is this!?). It was so so fresh and so so good. Definitely go to Nico’s Pier for a meal if you are visiting Oahu!

Thanks for reading!