Nung Nung Waterfall

February 21, 2019

Ok this is a MUST if you go to Bali. There are like 500 steps or something to get to this waterfall but it is 20/10 worth it and not that long of a hike at all. It is very clear what direction you are going and the intensity and grandeur of the waterfall and just something that you cannot miss out on. We’ve been visiting Bali at the end of their rainy season, and it had been raining a few days before we did this hike, so the waterfall was a FULL FORCE when we visited. It was just so magical. Stella hated it of course, but she liked playing in the water way far away from the waterfall. Luckily our host Ayu walked down with us and watched Stella for us while Abe and I swam in the waterfall (or as close as we could get to it— like I said it was coming down at FULL FORCE). We really loved seeing this waterfall and the pictures we got almost do it justice in real life.

Thanks for reading!