Planting Rice with a Local Balinese Farmer

February 21, 2019

We asked our host about planting rice and she said she would check on a connection she has to see when he would be planting rice. She set it up for us with a family member of some sort who is a rice farmer. It was such a cool experience. Abe was so excited for this and I think he’d probably say this was his favorite thing we did while on Bali. I’m so glad he set up our GoPro to capture this experience! Again, our wonderful wonderful host watched Stella for us while we hiked up our pants and stepped into the very hot, very sticky, mud to learn how to plant rice. He let us plant way more than I thought we were going to! We weren’t very good at it and I know for sure our lines of rice weren’t very straight. Hopefully that doesn’t mess up his harvest at all. We really enjoyed getting to do something so culturally rich and unique. Some tourists rode by on their bikes and asked to take a picture of us and said “you guys look so cool” haha. It was a strange compliment but we really were impressed by this experience! The farmer probably could have done his planting 10x faster without us, but he was so happy to have us there.

Thanks for reading! Video below!