Sushine Coast

February 17, 2019

So we met up with some really good friends of ours from SF in Australia! They booked a trip to Australia and then realized we were going to be there at the same time. So we modified our hotel booking for Brisbane and then split an airbnb house with Alysse & Cody up on the Sunshine coast, which is like 1.5 hours from Brisbane. Some of the greatest surfing spots are supposed to be up here.

We REALLY got an amazing Airbnb. Seriously it was so clean, well decorated, stocked with everything we’d need. S/O to Alysse for finding it. There was an amazing wrap around porch with the cutest chairs and porch swing. There was also a small dog door. It didn’t take Stella long to figure out she could fit through it and that was pretty hilarious. I was hanging out on the porch with Stella and at some point she wiggled through the dog door and Abe looked at my from inside like “what just happened!?”

We cooked dinner, went to the beach several times, went shopping, went out to dinner, went surfing, went to the grocery store several times, just a lot of normal stuff but in an amazing place with some amazing people.

Two days we drove up to Noosa Head which is another beach area from where we were staying because the surf report was better. It was like a 20 minute drive, not bad at all. The first day we drove up, Cody went early in the morning and took our rental car. Abe finished working and then we all piled into Cody & Alysse’s car to drive up to meet Cody. On our drive up all three of the babies FELL ASLEEP. Miracles are real. We dropped Abe out of the car and he rented a board and went our surfing with Cody. And then Alysse & I just chatted while we waited for parking and waited out the napping babes.

Eventually they woke up and we packed up all of our stuff and the stroller and trekked up a hill to where the beach access was. The double stroller had two babies and a carseat and all the stuff you can imagine so it was HEAVY. Basically Alysse is a beast. We camped out on the beach further back from where the water was because there were some trees that offered some shade because it was hot. Of course I banged my head on one of the tree branches as soon as we got there. We took turns going out on the surf boards and I wasn’t able to catch anything, but everyone else caught a few good waves.

The other day we came we all went at the same time and decided to check out the other beach closer to the shops. This time the boys hung out with the sleeping babies and looked for parking and Alysse and I hopped out to get our tan on. Ironically enough we weren’t sure where the other person was on the beach and we were about 800 ft away from each other. Finally Alysse texted me and we found each other haha. The boys and kids joined us eventually and we had a fun day at the beach! We rented only one surfboard that day and one boogie board (that no one ever used— whoops sorry Abe). The water felt so good to get in! Stella is still terrified of waves, but her and Pierce had a great time playing together.

We could have spent a few more days up on the Sunshine Coast (especially in that Airbnb) with our friends! Stella and Pierce are only two weeks apart in age, and they got along so well! Congrats to Cody & Alysse on baby number two, baby Wells! We loved getting to see them and meet their new baby. Hope the next time we see you we will be moving back to SF!

Thanks for reading!